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Neelavarana is a Bengaluru based production house. We are a platform dedicated to promoting and showcasing the artistic talents of Bahujan artists in Kannada. Through films, literature, art, theater, music, and visual arts, we amplify the voices of the marginalized communities and create a space for our stories to be heard.

131: Babasaheb In Bengaluru

Celebrating the 131st Ambedkar Jayanthi with the people who have kept the Ambedkaritie movement alive in Bengaluru through a strong assertion of Bahujan Imagery.

Varsha: Music Video

Varsha - Raw-Gu Prod Sharayuwu Feat. Poorvi Kalyani

'Varsha' is a rap song depicting the story of a young girl Varsha who wants to get educated and has high aspirations for herself but they are cut short by the patriarchal society.

Area Bois: Film

Follow Aashith, Kashif and Sachin - pals from Mathikere, Bengaluru - on a leisurely journey through their area ground, tea shop to Baba Ka Dabha.The day takes a curious twist when Aashith shares exciting news about his crush from the area.

ಒಳಬರಲೇ? ( Olabarale?) : Film

Gautham visits Aishwarya house for the first time hoping to become closer to their family. As the two young adults explore each other's feelings, how do they navigate through their differing social realities? Olabarale is a coming of age short film, also the lived experience of many Indian youth.

Varle Hidida Hali: Documentary

A Documentary on Wooden Bullock Cart that was shot in Shivamoga at Gunjanuru village

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