1)SHAVAGALU (DEAD BEINGS) (26m 02s) - Mani

Abhi, a carefree teenager, decides to skip college after failing in exams, as he finds it as an opportunity to hangout with his friends. His hopes come to a halt, when his otherwise drunk, indifferent father decides to put him to work. Abhi's naive, narrow world breaks down, when he witnesses the menial work his father is forced to do at the Mortuary.

About the Director -

Mani, a filmmaker and writer, from Bangalore. He made his first short film called ‘Patches’ which dealt with the ordeals poor families go through to acquire finances for healthcare. His second film 'The Arrival of Factories', dealt with the effects of capitalism and urbanization when a factory is set up in a village.

Through his films, Mani tries to explore the contemporary problems of humanity, with a hope that they amount to something towards the dream of a non-predatory future.

Cast : Mahadev Hadapad, Charan Prasad, Lohith VS, Sridhar.

Casting : Shashank KS, Punith Vasishta.

Production : Nagraj Y, Nishanth Shetty, Harshavardhana Prasad

Art Direction : Enosh Olivera

SFX & Makeup : Surya Rajkumar

VFX Artist : Nagraj Y

Sound Design & Sync Sound : Aswin Josh

Music : Neehar Dabade

Poster Design : Sharanya Eshwar

Editor : Rahul Basak

Color Grading : Multiverse Explorations

DOP - Enosh Olivera

Written & Directed by Mani.

Olabarale (25:03) - Surya Saathi

A young man visits his friend's house for the first time hoping to become closer to their family. As the two young adults explore each other's feelings, how do they navigate through their differing social realities? Olabarale is a coming of age short movie, also the lived experience of many Indian youth.

About the Director:
Surya Saathi is a theatre practitioner and film maker based in Bengaluru. An alumnus of St. Joseph's College and National College, he currently is a lighting designer for stage. Originally hailing from Mudigere, a small town on the Western Ghats, he runs to the hills every holiday. He likes to travel in BMTC, try out spicy Shawarmas, watch cute romances and play with colours and lights.

Written and Directed by -Surya Saathi

Cinematography: Lokesh Lingaraju

Edited by : Surya Saathi

Music Director: Ahilan Kumaresan

Colourist: Shrungar Haralahalli

Executive Producer : Mahishaa

Produced by Surya Saathi & Meghana D

Sound Design : Mahishaa


Sachin Sreenath

Preethi Sagar

3) Kuuk Aah? :(29m 10s) - MK Abhilash

While cooking, Anjali realizes that they have run out of salt. She asks Adarsh to fetch a packet of salt. Adarsh is the husband of Anjali. Anjali is the wife of Adarsh.

About the Director:

MK Abhilash, an audio-visual artist hailing from Bangalore, draws inspiration from the Y2K era for his music, delves into the micro-macro world for his poetry, and strives to blend both of these influences in his films.

Film by: MK Abhilash
Co-writers: Purushotham Ranoji, Vinay Kumar J

Actors: Aashith, Shradha Raj, Naveen Tejaswi, Ajay Tambe, Meghana D, Goutham R, Brunda Prasad

Poster Design: Sudarshan Devadoss

Dubbing: Ajith KP